“EMBODIMENT” – presented by Plethora Artist Guild

Plethora Artist Guild presents: EMBODIMENT (\im-ˈbä-di-mənt\) : giving concrete form to an abstract concept. featuring: conceptually vibrant photographs by Shane Arsenault, and anthropomorphic sculptures by Emily Lendl. YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS THIS!!!! Come meet the artists, mingle, drink cheap beers, get involved! DJ S’Moore will be playing sick beats! Show starts at 7pm in […]

OPhemeral – A Second Glance

written by Margaret Smith Wednesday, August 26th 2015: OPhemeral [OP-fem-er-al//optical art that is long lasting] This month, Plethora Artist Guild featured artists Jared Last and Rhys Farrell whose work demonstrated dedicated craftsmanship and showcased visual playfulness. Both Last and Farrell constructed pieces that distorted visual cues to purposefully alter our experience of optical intake. OPhemeral […]

(pers)insistence – A performative and visual examination of self

Note: This is a PRIVATE event. Mature audience only due to the presence of nudity. Please RSVP in this Facebook event before entering the space on the evening of. Natalie’s performance is at 7, so please arrive early. Plethora Artist Guild presents: (pers)insistence – A visual and performative examination of self. Featuring artists: Natalie Lauchlan and […]


12:24 is an art project involving 12 artists making works of art for 24 hours straight, in Loft112, East Village. The endurance will take place on June 12, and exhibition made during the endurance will be held on June 24 in Loft112 at 7:00pm. 12 Artists: 1. Bryson Ritchie 2. Pieter Kuschke 3. Nick Kennedy […]