(pers)insistence – A performative and visual examination of self

Note: This is a PRIVATE event. Mature audience only due to the presence of nudity. Please RSVP in this Facebook event before entering the space on the evening of. Natalie’s performance is at 7, so please arrive early. Plethora Artist Guild presents: (pers)insistence – A visual and performative examination of self. Featuring artists: Natalie Lauchlan and […]


12:24 is an art project involving 12 artists making works of art for 24 hours straight, in Loft112, East Village. The endurance will take place on June 12, and exhibition made during the endurance will be held on June 24 in Loft112 at 7:00pm. 12 Artists: 1. Bryson Ritchie 2. Pieter Kuschke 3. Nick Kennedy […]

Beatroute article !

To read the full article click on the link or image below! http://beatroute.ca/2015/05/14/plethora-artist-guild-an-arts-community-an-alternative-train-of-thought/ CALGARY — Challenging the conventions of the traditional gallery setting, Plethora seeks to reshape the mould by introducing a sense of intimacy between the artist and the audience. Conceptualized by three ACAD students, all of whom have industry experience , Plethora aims […]

Extensions/ Change in Dates

Hello Everyone! We are extending the deadline for proposals to May 24, 2015 at 12:00pm. For those who already submitted, we will send you confirmation and feedback from your application either today or tomorrow. Also We are greatly pleased with the amount of high quality works we received from the submissions. Due to multiple requests […]