Cassandra Laurion

Miss. Cassandra Lauríon

(b. 1993, Canada)


Artist Statement:

The forms that are drawn and painted represents a symbolic line language through an automatic spontaneous approach that is used to better understand my emotions, creative urges and the world that surrounds me. My work consists of abstracted forms that are reflecting and are derived from the spaces and environments’ that surround me. My paintings and drawings are fueled by my personal and internal experiences, memories and emotions that are sometimes the result of a frustrated or complicated thought process. With that being said this process of nostalgia and reflection manifests into my compositions and determines the process and labor of how I make my work.

Although I am most commonly painting, depending on my concept and what I am trying to convey, I do not limit myself to the materials and style of approach I execute in my work. The material and textural qualities of my paintings are a crucial component to the visual and physical experience, conceptual analysis and implication of my work. Depending on the process and transformation the artist and the materials have to go through together I believe creates potency in meaning, value and relevance regarding the relationship between the artist and the work.

Depending on the line language and subject matter used in my paintings, these forms can relate to both an abstract and realistic realm depending on the viewer, how the work is displayed and what environment and space it is presented in.

When I am painting I am connecting both my subconscious mind with my hand and my heart. Literature and drive for creative passion and expression are the key components of what I rely on fundamentally for the production and inspiration of my work.

Both literature and writing is important to my practice because of how literal you can be with an unclear concept or idea you are trying to convey. Language gives me realistic, tangible evidence of my emotions versus the abstracted reflections of raw forms painted and investigated because of an experience. As my mind and thought process continues to expand, my techniques and practice will only continue doing so as well.

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