Plethora Artist Guild is comprised of a group of students and emerging artists who see a need for expansion and experimentation beyond the definitions of post modernism into Meta-modernism. Our collective focuses on Remediation, Collaboration, Experimentation and Collage. We aim to create a community that engages interdisciplinary practice and research by welcoming different media and processes.

Plethora is about:

  • Collaboration
  • Experimentation (use of different media)
  • Craftsmanship
  • Remediation
  • Collage (within the work or media)
  • Expanding experience
  • Collective influence
  • Public engagement
  • Meta-modernism

As a collective, we provide exposure and awareness to unrecognized talents/ ideas within the city of Calgary through hosting events and creating opportunities for those who are students and emerging artist in hopes of increasing the arts community within the city. We provide feedback (to all those who apply), experience and exposure; as well as posting theories and articles of current events in the realm of contemporary art.

For more info, visit – (

Plethora Artist Guild is now accepting Submissions for the months of May 2015- April 2016. There will be solo shows and group/collaborative show, which occurs once a month. Exhibition will run for a day.

Deadline: On-going

Submission package must include all the following items in a single .zip file labelled with the artists last and then first name ( All written work (C.V., artist statements, proposals) must be saved in one PDF file.

(The Programming Committee will NOT consider Submission packages that do not follow these guidelines)

Submit the following:

  • Artist Statement
  • Exhibition Proposal (include a timeline of when work will be ready to install)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Audio/Visual support material
    • 5-10 images of your work (must be in .jpg format)
    • If you’re working with audio/video, please include a valid URL link

For Collaborative Proposals:

  • Submit a single page CV for each artist
  • 200 word proposal for a collaborative show
  • Audio/Visual support material
    • At least 5 images of works (must be in .jpg format)
    • If you’re working with audio/video, please include a valid URL link

Submission Support Material and Visuals must be compressed into a single .zip folder labelled with the artist’s last and then first name then e-mailed to with the subject line: Artist Name and “Submission”.


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